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Yeah, you might get a glimpse of happiness from your achievments, but what you will learn as you get older, every time you reach one is you will just make another goal that does not lead to freedom.

How we Formed

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make music?

Whether you’ve played an instrument your whole life or have solely been an avid music listener, you may have wondered what it would be like to create your own music at one point or another (spoiler alert: it’s a deep—and at times challenging—but incredibly fun and rewarding experience). Fortunately, learning how to make music has never been easier than it is today. With nothing but a computer and some online resources (like this article you’re reading right now), you can get a start on—and go incredibly far in—your music creation journey.

Our Future

Your Music Your Future International is an education campaign that aims to help creators everywhere understand their options when it comes to royalties and copyright buyouts. We aim to reach creators from all walks of life and to help the global network of authors societies that support and represent them

"We really enjoyed watching them play. Amazing Gig!"
Jordan Rudess

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Eddie Gale

Dennis had a 25 year friendship and collaboration with Blue Note jazz trumpeter Eddie Gale.  Performing, Recording, composing and learning with the innovative instrumentalist, well-known for his work with legend Sun Ra. They performed the San Jose Jazz Festival in 2018.  SOFA festival the same year.  RIP 

Eddie & Dennis

Gale, who died at age 78, gigged with Sun Ra, John Coltrane and Cecil Taylor, to name but a few. Originally from Brooklyn, he lived in downtown San Jose for decades

Why this Genre?

Dennis self produced and released on Empire 7 recordings.  Getting air play in Canada and reaching the top 20 on the Earshot charts.

Who Inspired Dennis?

Bob Dylan.  A man and his Guitar.  George Benson, the best Guitarist ever.

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